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Frontier Engineering Services

Frontier Engineering Services is an engineering services and equipment provider established to serve the East African region.

About us

Frontier Engineering Services is an engineering services and equipment provider established to serve the East African region. We design and deliver solutions for difficult environments and tough operational regions, with the logistics and service to back it up. Partnering with leading international industrial suppliers and consultants to provide comprehensive solutions to clients on a project by project basis.


Work in partnership with clients to deliver comprehensive solutions on projects as required


Leading products and support to keep operations running


Strong team with experience in finance, operations and logistics
Team of UK consultants and expertise from equipment suppliers


In-country logistical team for clearing and transportation to site

Rigs and Tooling

Frontier has a distribution agreement in place with Sandvik to supply the East Africa region from their product range. Sandvik is a world-leading provider of equipment for the mining and construction industries. This includes drilling consumables, tools and mining equipment:

  • Drilling rigs for exploration and mining;
  • DE 100s, 700s (Core) 800s (MP)
  • 1500/1600 Grade Control
  • D Series for DTH and blast-hole.
  • All accompanying in hole equipmen
  • Coring tools
  • DTH Tooling
  • Tricone bits
Materials & Handling

Frontier also supplies the range of crushing and material handling equipment produced by Sandvik – all crushers, conveyors and other bulk material handling equipment within the extensive and world-leading range.

Full mine site capability from primary to secondary crushing, with mobile, semi-mobile & fixed crushing systems for all mining requirements.

  • Conveyor Pulleys HP Series
  • Rollers HM Series
  • Stackers PS, HS Series
  • Spreaders PA Series
  • Transport crawlers PT Series
  • Shiploaders PL Series
O&G + Geothermal

Provider of

  • Drilling Solution Systems:
  • Wellhead systems
  • Exploration
  • High pressure
  • Geothermal
  • Pressure control systems
  • Annular and Ram-Type BOP
  • Diverters
  • Manifolds
  • Measurement
  • Exportation and Production
  • Turbine Meters
Water pumping & supplies

Frontier has extensive experience in the provision of solutions in the borehole drilling industry. This includes the supply of component parts and also tailor-made solutions to specific projects.

    We are able to supply components from a wide range of suppliers in the industry, with choice selection determined by the requirements of each project. On previous projects, we have supplied the full set of well head, pumps, gensets, transfer pipes, and constituent parts. We have also designed and proposed tailor-made solutions, including a 3 stage pumping solution with 14km of lateral transfer and 400m of elevation.